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Acoustic Panels & Tiles

We provide our clients with Acoustic Panels and Tiles for their acoustic management.


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Wood Wool not only helps with your acoustics but also helps give you a creative touch to liven up the room


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ASSEMBLE PET is fully customisable to fit your acoustics and aesthetical needs for your interior


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GIVE With a Heart

As a follower of Christ, we are compelled to serve the people and communities around us through our work, talents and resources. Partner us on this journey to serve others.

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Enocoustic Providing Beautiful Acoustic Solutions
Enocoustic was established in 2018 with two goals; “to find an avenue of giving back to society” and “to offer interior designers acoustic solutions with remarkably beautiful panels”. We also believe in using sustainable materials that do not compromise the safety and surrounding environment yet still cater to both conservative and contemporary designs.

Wood Wool


wood wool sgEnocoustic Wood Wool contains two of the world’s oldest building materials. Made of 65% long wood fibres and 35% Portland white cement, the natural process of mineralisation gives it its raw aesthetic finish. Enocoustic only uses from the best fir plantations in order to help with forest sustainability and yet maintaining its quality. Enocoustic Wood Wool is also recognised as a Singapore Green label product.

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Assemble PET


Assemble PETEnocoustic Assemble PET is made from 100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), where 50% of raw materials come from recycled post-consumer products such as plastic bottles. Enocoustic Assemble PET is manufactured through a process which is free from chemicals, binders and adhesives. Because of its recycled raw materials and sustainable manufacturing process, our product is accredited with the Singapore Green Label.

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Customised Solutions
Customised Acoustic Solutions for your special needs
Great Value
Great Value for your Acoustic Management
Artistic Solutions
Get creative with our acoustic solutions and create a unique piece of artwork
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We provide fast delivery from our local warehouse.